Wednesday , 24 August 2016

Undertaker loses his hair

Those locks were gone a long time ago. While some might have been shocked (and perhaps a little confused) by Undertaker hacking off his hair during this past Monday’s Raw, some who live in the Orlando area were a little less taken aback. A few months ago, The Undertaker was seen in several locations in the Sunshine State, sporting his trademark tattoos… and a completely bald head. Looks like Undertaker made the decision to ditch his hair quite a while ago, which led to him sporting a wig the past few weeks during his televised appearances. Granted, WWE didn’t do a very good job of explaining why he was cutting off the hair, but does it really matter? Honestly, the bald look might make him even more demonic… and it will allow for a whole new line of action figures down the road.

Anyone see a pattern developing? WWE announced this week that next year’s Wrestlemania will be held at MetLife Stadium, home of the Superbowl Champion New York Giants, in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Needless to say, that event will be a little colder than this year’s Mania, which is set for April 1st at Sun Life Stadium in Miami. At the press conference announcing the event, The Rock appeared and made it clear that he plans to be part of the show. So, we can look forward to another year of sporadic appearances by “The People’s Champion” after his match with John Cena at this year’s event, before he shows up at Wrestlemania again… bumping another talent who works all year long off the card. I don’t blame WWE for using Rock when they can, he sells tickets and his name will bring in PPV buys. Still, it is a shame to see someone put their body on the line for 12 months and get sat down on the biggest show of the year because there are only “so many spots” and a part-timer is taking one of them.

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